Marketed by the organisers as “The Greatest Adventure on the Planet”, the Mongol Rally saw over 250 teams make their way from London to Ulan Bator in Mongolia – a 15,000 km stretch across 21 countries.

With the rules for the Rally including that teams must raise at least £1,000 (about R17,500) for charity, and that they could only take a car with an engine capacity of 1.2l or less, it meant Richard and the team had to settle for an absurdly small car totally unsuited for the job.

The team, named The South Afristans, a play on the fact that a bunch of South Africans would be passing through all the old Soviet “Stans” -Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan – also included Susanne Ostermann, John Paul (JP) Hunt and Jessica Morgan.

They elected to participate in the Rally not only to be part of the adventure, but also to raise funds for The Gumboots Foundation.“We chose the Gumboots Foundation, because they represent South Africans living out in the world trying to give back to their country,” says Montjoie.

To read the full story see the Boksburg News and the South Afristans Facebook page for their photos and detailed account of the journey.

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