We are counting down to The Big Give Christmas Challenge which this year takes place over only 2 days from 4th to 5th December, 2015.

Link to THE BIG GIVE website.

Building on the success of our previous Challenges, we have chosen to continue to fundraise for the Phetoho Education project in order to sponsor more children to attend the Saturday School offered by St. Mary’s school in Waverley, Johannesburg. We currently have 6 children attending the programme.

St. Mary’s has a 25 year history of running a successful outreach education project for children in Alexandra township. The school provides a Saturday and holiday programme of high quality teaching for 300 children annually. This includes their transport, books and materials. Lessons in all key subjects take place at St. Mary’s where the Alex children have access to very fine facilities and a lunch provided by St. Mary’s pupil volunteers.

For more information about the programme see:
Alexandra High Schools Project Annual Report 2014

Our target is to raise £6,000 for this project over 2 days in December. If you recall from previous years, this is a competitive process whereby individuals need to make their pledges online as fast as possible from 12 noon on a given day (UK Time GMT). A percentage of match funding is released on each day until it is exhausted, as we know from last time this could be a matter of minutes.

What this means is that you could INSTANTLY DOUBLE YOUR PLEDGE if you are fast enough!

We encourage all our supporters to get online on the following dates and make a pledge on The Big Give Website. Make note of the following dates in your calendar now!

Friday 4th December – starts at 12 noon GMT – first bucket of match funding.
Saturday 5th December – 12 noon GMT – second bucket of match funding.

Donations will be doubled on a first-come first-served basis until the match funds run out.