Phetoho Education is a project which has grown out of the three existing Alexandra Township projects, Leratong, Sigiya Sonke and Ratang Bana. The view of these projects is that education has emerged as the single most effective way of bringing about change in South Africa.

Although all children have access to schooling in South Africa, the quality of education available to township children can be much lower than that available to children in more affluent areas. Access to quality education is a means of closing the poverty gap.

Phetoho identifies individuals who meet a defined criteria and provide them with bursaries for school fees, school uniforms and supplies, and transport to schools outside of the township.

The project seeks to develop the potential of individuals in the hope that those who benefit can later in life use their skills and personal resources to be agents for change in their own communities. This project was started in 2012.

The money raised by the Big Give Christmas Challenges in 2013 & 2014, was used to fund an initial group of 6 children to go through a 3 year Saturday and school holiday programme at St. Mary’s school in Johannesburg. The programme focuses on the last three years of secondary schooling with the aim of getting children through their matriculation exams with a University or higher education pass. In September 2014, Gumboots started to work with our Alex based partners and St. Mary’s to identify the first group of students who started on the programme in Jan 2015.

St. Mary’s school has a 25 year history of running a successful outreach education project for children in Alexandra township.

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